about outdoor penguin

Outdoor penguin displays look great and are built to last. The outdoor penguin base incorporates two water filled weight bag to keep it stable in a breeze. The flexible back structure allows the display to "spill" the wind in case of gusts, allowing prints on a normal, non-mesh outdoor fabric for a better looking graphic panel and a great looking outdoor display.

Outdoor Penguin is available in three widths 65, 70 and 80 cm / 25.6”, 27.6” and 31.5" – and one height 205 cm / 81”.
Visible graphic area WxH 65, 70 and 80 x 200 cm / 25.6”, 27.6” and 31.5"x 79”.

Includes - structure hardware, two fillable water weight bags (5 litre / 1.1 gallon each), nylon carrying case with strap.
Shipping dimensions 110 x 18 x 18 cm / 43"x 7"x 7" – weight 7 kg / 15 lbs. including graphic panel and packaging.

The system outdoor penguin is delivered in a transport case, singly packed in a cardboard box. All system parts are available as spare parts.

set up

Unfold the base, stick the structure made of glass fibre rods and aluminium connectors together, hook the cables into the hooks and mount the graphic panel. Put the two support profiles on the base and add the water filled weight bags and finished.

optional – penguin connection

The penguin connection allows two or more penguin graphic display systems to be joined together to create walls or backdrops of any length.

The penguin connection utilizes magnetic ball joints to connect the top and bottom support rods and high quality magnetic tape to join the seams.

The result is a virtually invisible connection between multiple graphic panels allowing displays of any length in a lightweight, easy to use and durable form.

In the video (right) is clearly visible how the outdoor penguin connection behaves in wind.

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Outdoor penguin provides elegant, durable and affordable ways to display banners and signage.Use it as a versatile exhibition solution, to make an event more successful, for your pos presentation or any other presentation or promotional activity you decide to do. Outdoor penguin is the solution for your outdoor presentation!


transport bag

The outdoor penguin portable display system comes with a carrying case. It measures HxWxD 110 x 18 x 18 cm / 43"x 7"x 7" and comes singly packed in a cardboard box. Weight 7 kg / 15 lbs. including graphic panel and packaging.


water filled weight bag

Two water filled weight bags (5 litres / 1.1 gallon each) are put on the base of the outdoor penguin to keep it stable in a breeze.