about flyflag

The moblie flag system flyflag comes in 2 different shapes – straight or drop shaped. 4 different base options are available - base, square metal base, soil insert and for some types a wall mounting bracket.

Different heights from 235 cm to 430 cm are available.

The system flyflag is delivered in a transport bag, singly packed in a cardboard box. All system parts are available as spare parts.


set up

Put the system rods together, pull the flag over the rods and fix the flag to the rod (carabiner). Now put the flag pole into the base of your choice.

change of panel

The flag is pulled over the system rods and hooked to the pole (carabiner).

print & finishing

Printing - sublinmation print on fabric, 80% visibilty on the reverse side.

Flayflag straight - a lead band is sown in.
Flyflag (drop shaped) - black or white bands are available.


transport bag

The system outdoor_base comes with a transport bag making it easy to transport.


The standard base is mainly for indoor usage. If the system is used outdoors a water weight which is available as an accessory should be used.


water tank - base

Especially for outdoor usage a plastic base (to be filled with up to 10 litres of water) is offered.

square metal base

The square metal base is made of solid steel, painted black and weighs 8 kg. For outdoor usage an add on weight (metal plate 8 kg) is offered as an accessory. A rotator built in between base and pole smoothens the movements of flag in a breeze.

soil insert

For outdoor usage a so call soil insert can be used. This base version includes a rotator to smoothen the movements of the flag in a breeze.

wall mounting bracket

For flyflags small and medium a wall mounting bracket is available as an accessory.


Flyflag is a mobile flag pole for in- and outdoor usage. Use it for events, promotions, outside shops etc.

water weight

Water weight which can be filled with 12 litres / 2.6 gallons of water. Accessory for standard base.


water tank - weight

To add weight to the base for outdoor usage is another application for the water tank (rotator not included) which can be filled with approx. 10 litres of water.


add on base

An additional metal plate which can be put on top of the square metal base (weight 8 kg / 17.8 lbs.) is available as an accessory too. 


arm for flyflag straight

To change the drop shaped flyflag version to flyflag straight version an arm to mount at the straight pole is needed. Available as accessory.